SPARC Launches Monthly Giving To Ring in the New Year!

support for the arts in South Pasadena

PHOTO: dmLemattre | SPARC volunteer Carmen Steward with SPARC board member, Dean Serwin, showing folks how easy monthly giving is on Serwin's tablet

Since its launch in 2009, The South Pasadena Arts Council has most certainly become a growing cultural hub in the community that we all have benefitted from. For 2018 SPARC  has launched a monthly giving program designed to ensure the success of its continuing efforts to develop a vibrant, diverse arts community and “ignite creativity and illuminate the arts” throughout the city of South Pasadena.

PHOTO: Joseph Baek | | Lissa Reynolds speaks to community focus group members at a recent SPARC cocktail party held at Fremont Centre Theatre

“Generating funds to bring top notch artistic programs to the community is an ongoing challenge for arts organizations,” says Howard Spector, SPARC President and CEO.  “With our new Monthly Giving Program, art lovers around South Pasadena have the opportunity to support the arts in a simple yet meaningful way.”

PHOTO: dmLemattre | | Dean Serwin addresses the crowd at SPARC’s big holiday party held at Bullseye Glass

SPARC board member, Dean Serwin, explains, “What I love about the monthly giving program is that it not only helps SPARC to meet its monthly expenses, but allows the donor to spread out their gift across the entire year, which means, depending upon your level of giving, that for the cost each month of somewhere between a cup of coffee and nice lunch, you can help fund SPARC all year long.  And, if you were planning on donating anyway, you are able to painlessly increase your donation by 20% since a $100 one-time donation becomes $120 over the course of a year at only $10 a month out of pocket.”

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PHOTO: dmLemattre | | SPARC partygoers create their own glass ornaments at the recent holiday party at Bullseye Glass.

SPARC’s VP and founding director and everyone’s favorite South Pas arts advocate, Lissa Reynolds, echoes this sentiment, telling us “for the past eight years, SPARC has contributed to the artistic and cultural lives of adults and children in South Pasadena. Monthly Giving as a fundraising option increases our ability to continue to sustain and grow our mission.”

Founded as a grassroots effort in 2009, the South Pasadena Arts Council (SPARC) today is a 501 (c)(3) non-profit arts organization that develops educational and public arts programs, creates interactive projects, and collaborates with other organizations in the City of South Pasadena and the surrounding Los Angeles area to foster and produce cultural events featuring the visual, performing, literary and media arts. SPARC is able to accomplish this through the generosity, good will, financial support, and involvement of a supportive community of artists, arts enthusiasts, businesses, and local resident volunteers.

The South Pasadena Arts Council (SPARC) is open to people in all the creative fields, art appreciators, art patrons, educators, and others interested in helping the arts thrive in South Pasadena and neighboring communities.

Information on how you can participate in the Monthly Giving Program can be found at All donations are tax deductible to the full extent of the law.