South Pasadena Rotary Supports African Water Project

PHOTO: Courtesy of George Vieth | | Rotary President Dan Watson presents a $2,500 donation to Mr. Fox for this year's contribution to this worthy international project

For the fourth consecutive year, the Rotary Club has offered financial
support for water projects in the East African country of Tanzania.
Rotary member Dick Ross joined the South Pasadena club after moving
here from Ames Iowa many years ago. He and his wife still spend a
fair amount of time in Iowa where he was a Professor of Veterinary
Medicine at Iowa State University and a member of the Ames club. The
Ames Iowa Rotary Club has managed the construction of three water well
and containment system projects in different villages in Tanzania. On
Tuesday, March 20 the South Pasadena club heard a presentation about
the current project in Mhezi in the Kilimanjaro region of Tanzania.
At the end of the meeting, Rotary President Dan Watson presented a
donation of $2,500 to Mr. Fox for this year’s contribution to this worthy
international project.