South Pasadena Little Leaguers Support High School Softball Team

PHOTO: Jon Takasugi | News | South Pasadena High School (back row): Sydney Lagarce, Cera Ramos, Melina Becerra, Emily Garcia, Sydney Lee, Caitlyn Colmenares, Juliana Mostert, Sophia Atencio, Melissa Lerma, Daphne Malatesta, Danica Stirling, Zoe Hollingsworth, Allison Lee, Danielle Fong, and Megan Sung. South Pasadena Little League (kneeling): Elizabeth Rosenberg, Emma Jay Johnson, Belen Belavek, Adelaide Bertolina, Evelyn Diaz, Talula Bearden, Lucy Dorosin, and Laura Whang

South Pasadena Little League Majors-Takasugi/Bearden softball team came out to support the high school team Tuesday.

Despite the support and a grand slam by Allison Lee, the Tigers lost to the San Marino Titans 11-18. The 12U team got the opportunity to meet the coach, Ed McCarthy, who invited them to a clinic this summer.

Secretly, the girls also cheered for San Marino High senior Kinu Takasugi, who helps coach the team and went four for five with a homer over the center field fence.

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