Snow? Snow! Snow at Calvary Preschool

It was Snow Day at Calvary Preschool on Thursday

PHOTO: Cyndi Bemel | | Preschoolers enjoy a day in the snow in the bike yard at Calvary Preschool

Who knew we could get so much snow in South Pasadena? Well, it seems that is snowed once again in town at Calvary Preschool! So many local families have not only had their children go through Calvary but even went there themselves.

PHOTO: Cyndi Bemel | | Preschoolers at Calvary enjoying the sled run


The beloved bike yard, off of room 10, was the site of the snow “happening” where the littles got to throw snowballs and enjoy saucering under the supervision of their dedicated and super fun teachers. Everyone was dressed in their coziest snow gear to enjoy the day.

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Yay Calvary!

PHOTO: Cyndi Bemel | | Wheeeeeeee!