Representative Judy Chu’s Statement on Trump Proposal to End Birthright Citizenship

Representative Judy Chu (CA-27) issued the following statement on President Trump’s plan to use an executive order to end the 14th Amendment’s promise of birthright citizenship

“With one statement, Donald Trump displayed the bigotry and the ignorance that have made his presidency so dangerous.”

“I implore the President to read the case U.S. v. Wong Ark. In this case, despite the Chinese Exclusion Act being in place, the Supreme Court upheld birthright citizenship for an individual who was born to immigrants. ‘All persons’ means ‘All persons’. The Constitution’s meaning could not be more clear. And the Supreme Court has agreed, ruling multiple times to uphold birthright citizenship. But Trump’s action isn’t about what’s good or moral or legal or even effective. It’s just President Trump’s latest attempt to fuel anger in order to win votes. I can imagine no lower aspiration in government. What he wants is a debate on who does and does not belong here, because he knows xenophobia helps him win elections. But xenophobia also creates tension and increases the risk of violence.  Like all prejudice, this proposal is not rooted in logic or reality, but that does not make it any less dangerous.”