Reflection from Student School Board Member, Jae Jin Lee

Student Board Member Gives First Reflection of the Year at January School Board Meeting

PHOTO: | Student Board Member for the South Pasadena Board of Education, Jae Jin Lee, pictured in front of South Pasadena High School

Jae Jin Lee is the student board member for the South Pasadena Board of Education, a role he says he is honored to have. “It’s important for the students to have a voice and I like knowing that I can bring their concerns to the board.” At the first school board meeting of the new year, Lee offered the following reflection –

Over the winter break, many of my seniors, including myself, finished our college applications.

Since many of the deadlines were near the beginning of the new year, we were all scrambling to get in the final edits or even start writing the supplemental essays some of us may have procrastinated on. Whatever the situation, I know that most of the seniors successfully completed most if not all of their applications, and now feel free from the immense pressure and stress we had felt the past couple of months.

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PHOTO: | Student School Board Member, Jae Jin Lee

And now, as second semester seniors, I can confidently say that we are all ready to enjoy our last semester as South Pasadena students. Since the difficult part of the year is now out of the way, this gave me some time to reflect upon my own personal experience as a South Pasadena student. At times, the classes I took were extremely rigorous and challenging, and at other times they were thought provoking and insightful. The opportunities that were provided to me through extracurricular activities, and the help that I received from exceptional teachers have definitely elevated my overall educational experience. And now as I patiently wait for college results to start rolling in near late March, I am grateful that the curriculum provided by SPUSD has sufficiently prepared me, and my fellow seniors for our futures in college. – Jae Jin Lee

PHOTO: | Each month the student board member offers a reflection at the school board meeting held at the district offices on El Centro