Poetry Corner With Ron Koertge | May 12

PHOTO: Steven Lawrence | SouthPasadenan.com | Author Ron Koertge

I loved old movies even when I was a kid and a few decades haven’t cooled my ardor for them. – Ron

How My Mother Negotiated the Domestic Sphere

I was twelve or so when she handed me

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a cookbook. “If you don’t do it, we’ll starve.”

I read about pot roast and meat loaf.

Mashed potatoes. Green beans all the same

length. Apple pie.   


I wore an apron with a rooster on the front.

She went to matinees with Lana Turner   

and Joan Crawford. 

At 6:00 she served dinner and my father said,

“This is surprisingly good, Annabelle.”


That was her idea of revenge – not a slug

 right in his heart from a forty-four. Not

a boyfriend  with a scar and a silk suit.

Ron Koertge is the current poet laureate of South Pasadena. Reach him at this address:  ronkoepoet@gmail.com