Oxley Building Neighbors Hold Happy Hour Shebang

Brad Colerick and the gang at 1510 Oxley take their happy hour to the next level

PHOTO: SouthPasadenan.com | The band plays below the "east penthouse" at 1510 Oxley in South Pasadena

DeepMix Productions, Brad Colerick’s production company, who is responsible for the ever popular Wine & Song and Blue Guitar evenings at the golf course, also is the instigator of weekly happy hour “shebangs” at the office building at 1510 Oxley. You know, it’s that brightly painted two story collection of offices behind the Rialto. Colerick and his neighbors have had this tradition for a while now and last week they took it next level for a special evening including musicians from the Blue Guitar, theatrical lighting and even an outdoor screening of Breakfast at Tiffanys on the back wall of the Rialto.

PHOTO: SouthPasadenan.com | The crowd takes in the music and a movie in the lot behind the Rialto

The screening turned out to be a brilliant idea that people really loved. It was actually Lisa Henderson’s idea along with the choice of film. Henderson is the owner of Harvest Architecture in Suite A. She and her associates design single family houses, addition, remodels. Penn State graduate in architecture, Scott Klinger tells us he’s been working with Henderson for nine years, “we do work all over LA and we’ve been here at Oxley for two years.”

PHOTO: SouthPasadenan.com | Lisa Henderson of Harvest Architecture with David Plenn and a friend outside Henderson’s office

It was a festive evening as South Pasadenans mingled and made their way from business to business, each of which had a full spread of food and drink. Claudia Bohn-Spector, known to South Pasadenans as the curator of the SPARC Gallery, and her partner Sam Mellon, held a ribbon cutting for their art curation business, Micronaut, and they are upstairs in Suite J.

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PHOTO: SouthPasadenan.com | Brad Colerick, Tracy Macrum and Andrew Berk sing out at DeepMix Productions studio

We popped into Crux Studio, the home of architects and interior designers Mark Smeaton and Rebecca Thompson who do everything from residential to commercial although Mark likes to say they do “boutique commercial” as they specialize in more intimate spaces and businesses rather than large scale industrial. Just outside their door they had fired up some kind of dutch oven out of which delectable delights such as baked brie made their way into the party.

PHOTO: SouthPasadenan.com | Mitchell and Susan Sawasy of Casa | Wasy

Corey & Corey and Assurance Realty featured a great dessert bar with bundt cakes and chocolates they got from Dual Crossroads, DeepMix found people cozying up to their bar as they were right next to the music and sampling some savory potatoes and brussel sprouts while upstairs at the “east penthouse”, Casa|Wasy saw more cocktails and treats. They had an awesome view of the event from above that made it feel all the more urban. Susan Sawasy does residential interior designer and her husband, Mitchell Sawasy, is an architect who does both commercial projects, including a lot of corporate interior as well as residential. Casa | Wasy also held a ribbon cutting for their business.

The other businesses rounding out the party were hotel investment consultants, Kellenberger Jones & Co. in Suite F, James Chang of Everstandard Valuations, Inc. in Suite G, and Gavilan Media who also had a ribbon cutting on their recent opening of their South Pasadena Review business office.