Notice Of Public Hearing

Design Review board Project Number: 2142-DRX

Applicant: Juan Sermeno, R Signs

Project Information: Design Review request for a proposal of one wall sign with cut out letters and logo for the tenant space occupied by Heliyo Athlete Lab.  The wall signs measures 10 feet in overall length, and 2′-7″ in overall height. the total area of the sign will be 25.8 square feet and will be located along the building facade fronting Mission Street.  the sign lettering will be directly adhered to the building facade and will not be illuminated.  The material for the signs will be 1/2″ thick flat cut out clear acrylic letters in blue and gray colors.  The signs will read “Heliyo Athlete Lab”.

City Staff is determining this project to be Categorically Exempt under section 15311, Accessory Structures, class 11 (A) On-Premise Sighns

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Contact Information:  For questions, comments, and concerns, contact Edwar Sissi at 626-403-7220 (Main phone), 626-403-7221(fax), or via e-mail at

Meeting INformation:  Date and time: Thursday, 07/05/2018 starting at 7:00 p.m. Location: 1424 Missiong Street, South pasadena, CA (Council Chambers)