Mulch Fires a Constant Problem For Firefighters

South Pasadena Fire Department Captain says officials have made multiple trips to Arroyo to put out mulch fire

PHOTO: Bill Glazier | | Anthony Porraz, a captain with the South Pasadena Fire Department, said his department and the Los Angeles City Fire Department are continuously putting out mulch fires in the Arroyo.

It has been a nagging issue for a couple of weeks now, explained South Pasadena Fire Department Captain Anthony Porraz as his department and Los Angeles City Fire Department crews continue to put out reoccurring mulch fires on Bridewell Avenue near the city border.

“It’s South Pasadena’s property and Caltrans has been putting mulch there,” noted Porraz. “We’re not sure if it was lit off by spontaneous combustion or homeless encampment people who were right there.”

Porraz added: “LA City crews and our crews have been working to put the fire out. Mulch fires are pretty tough to get out, so crews have been responding multiple days in a row.”

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The latest mulch fire was reported on Monday, August 13, in the 600 block of Stoney Drive between San Pascual Avenue and the Pasadena Freeway.

Porraz said there have been no injuries as a result of the mulch fires.