Mosaic’s Reverend Speaks at Rotary

Reverend Lawrence Fudge speaks to Rotary members about Mosaic

PHOTO: | Rotary President Dan Watson pictured with Reverend Lawrence Fudge of Mosaic
The speaker at the South Pasadena Rotary Club meeting on November 21 was Rev. Lawrence Fudge from the Mosaic Church and Rialto Theater.
Reverend Fudge provided the history of the Mosaic Church which goes back to the 1940’s and was located at various locations in the San Gabriel Valley until they moved to Hollywood about 7 years ago.  They decided to move back to the area of their roots and were able to do so when they obtained a 15 year lease of the Rialto Theater.
Mosaic is currently conducting Sunday services at the Rialto operating under a Conditional Use Permit.  The Church plans on renovating the historic building over several years and, in addition to it being used for church purposes, also make it available as a performing arts and film theater.
Several members of the South Preservation Foundation and Cultural Heritage Commission attended to hear the presentation.