Michael Selyem Is Unfit to Serve as San Bernardino County Deputy District Attorney

San Bernardino County Deputy District Attorney Michael Selyem is under investigation after making a series of vulgar and racist comments on his social media platforms.

His targets included Representative Maxine Waters, Michelle Obama, and person shot by a police officer among others.

Assemblymember Chris Holden, Chair of the California Legislative Black Caucus, who also represents a portion of San Bernardino County, released the following statement:

“Through his actions, Michael Selyem has shown himself to be unfit to serve the people of San Bernardino County. Law enforcement officials are held to the highest standards of civility and conduct. Mr. Selyam’s statements poison the well of public trust, and his ignorant racism must be addressed immediately.

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“San Bernardino is home to a large African-American working class population, and given the targets of his social media rants, it is beyond clear that the San Bernardino District Attorney’s Office needs to ensure that racial bias does not play a role when it comes to enforcing our state’s laws and, ultimately, eliminate those who do not possess the ability to be respectful and empathetic to those who are different from themselves.”