Mark Hatch & Group 5 at Blue Guitar

PHOTO: Courtesy photo | | Mark Hatch on stage

The prodigal son returns from his new home on Bainbridge Island!

Brad Colerick is excited to welcome Mark Hatch back to the Blue Guitar room along with his fabulous Group 5 band. The ensemble consists of five veteran musicians — Mark Hatch on trumpet and flugelhorn, Sam Riney on sax and flute, Rich Ruttenberg on the keyboard, Domenic Genova on bass, and Kendall Kay on drums. They use classic 60s jazz quintet as a launching pad, while incorporating a broad spectrum of newer influences.

The Blue Guitar is located at Arroyo Seco Golf Course in South Pasadena. Brad Colerick hosts Jazz at The Blue Guitar on Thursdays as well as the popular Wine & Song on Wednesdays. For tickets and information head over to Blue Guitar.

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