Introducing Dietitian & Health Expert Lauren O’Connor

Health & Fitness Writer Lauren O’Connor, MS, RDN, RYT Brings Fresh Ideas & Direction to our Busy Lifestyles.

Lauren O’Connor is an LA-based Registered Dietitian and mother of twin girls.

She likes to keep things simple, tasty, fun and approachable because health and fitness need not be a chore. We look forward joining her in her journey of motherhood, nutrition, yoga and travel and the discoveries she finds along the way.

Her health practices focus on integrative health — combining the benefits of nutrition and fitness. As a graduate of Yoga Angels Intl., she concentrates on foundation and alignment to prevent injury and improve coordination, flexibility and fitness. O’Connor’s overall goal as a nutritionist and yoga instructor is to optimize the function of body and mind.

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As she puts it, her “Food-itude” is to slow down to savor, taste and enjoy food which helps to improve digestion and keeps one aware of satiety cues. She says, “You should always feel good about what you eat because a positive outlook, in addition to a healthy diet and lifestyle, reduces stress and keeps you well. A healthy body and healthy mind keeps you refreshed, energized and motivated. Eat a variety of nutrient dense foods.”

Lauren O’Connor brings a vibrant, positive energy to the South Pasadenan readership. Her extensive, expert background is sure be a well-spring of ideas, recipes, and direction.

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