Father Pleads Not Guilty

In Alhambra, this morning

PHOTO: ALLEN J. SCHABEN/LOS ANGELES TIMES (AP) Andressian in cuffs in a courtroom in Alhambra, CA, Monday, July 3

Aramazd Andressian Sr, the father arrested under suspicion of murdering his son, Aramazd “Piqui” Andressian Jr., pleaded not guilty in court this Monday morning, July 3.

Andressian Sr. was seen in an Alhambra courtroom wearing a specialized vest that prevents him from committing suicide due to his current mental state. According to his attorney, Ambrosio Rodriguez, he is being psychologically evaluated.

“To say it’s a difficult time for him is an understatement… To be in custody, to be accused of something like this, is something that would break anyone,” Rodriguez told this press. “There has been a rush to judgment.”

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Both the mother of Piqui, Ana Estevez, and her brother, Shaun Estevez, were at the arraignment this morning. The tone was somber as the mother was seen in the courtroom maintaining a stoic demeanor but “still trying to soak everything in,” according to Piqui’s uncle, Shaun.

PHOTO: NBC4 News | The uncle of Aramazd “Piqui” Andressian Jr., speaking to the press

After extensive searches for the 5-year-old, Aramazd “Piqui” Andressian Jr., sheriffs finally recovered his body on Saturday, July 1, by the Lake Cachuma Recreation Area in Santa Barbara County.

Communities all over Southern California have shown support for the grieving family members of little Piqui, and have made contributions through donations, posts, and a memorial outside of the boy’s home.

The whole ordeal has been described as a nightmare by the boy’s uncle, Shaun Estevez.

The evidence against the 35-year-old Andressian Sr. has not yet been disclosed but is considered to be substantial enough to make a case against the recently arraigned father. He was flown from Las Vegas, Nevada, last Friday, June 30, back to Los Angeles after an extradition hearing last Tuesday.

Bail for Andressian has been set to be $10 million and he is due to return to court on August 16.