Cyndi Bemel Photo Show at Jones

South Pasadena Photographer exhibits photographs at Jones Coffee

PHOTO: Cyndi Bemel |
PHOTO: Cyndi Bemel |

South Pasadena resident, world traveler, and photographer Cyndi Bemel exhibits some of her images at Jones Coffee through the month of September. Bemel is also the author of Waiting For The Light, a collaboration with Deb McCurdy that seeks to identify common ground through a collaboration of photographs and reflections on our shared human experience.

Storytelling is at the cornerstone of what inspires me. My long-time passion for photography started with my first Kodak Instamatic 110 camera. Since then, my camera has been my trusty companion reflecting the complexity and adversity in the world around me. My work spans all types of photography from portraiture to street/sports photography to photojournalism. I’m energized to capture the spontaneous humor and peculiarities which  leads me to move through the world with a youthful eye of awe and wonder. I seek out the unusual and pride myself on finding the un-findable, whether it’s in my own backyard or in the middle of some small village on the Thai/Myanmar border. – Cyndi Bemel

PHOTO: Cyndi Bemel |

Also featured is René Sheret, a photographer all his life,  who has done some black and white mushroom photographs for the North wall of the Jones Photo Gallery. They sprang up this fall and he was fascinated with them. He is also the unofficial curator of the gallery.

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PHOTO: | Rene Sheret’s mushroom photographs on exhibit at Jones Coffee

Sheret lives with his wife in Pasadena where for the last ten years of his business life, he had his design office in Old Town Pasadena, designing and photographing for annual reports. He is a graduate of ArtCenter College of Design.

Jones Coffee House is located at 693 S. Raymond Ave in Pasadena. The show will be up at least through the end of the month.