City Council Recognizes Local Artist | Jose B. Ramirez Honored

South Pasadena Mayor Dr. Marina Khubesrian recognized the artist for displaying his pieces of artwork in the City Hall Gallery

PHOTO: Bill Glazier | News | Artist José B. Ramirez was presented a certificate of appreciation recently by South Pasadean Mayor Dr. Marina Khubesrian for displaying his artwork inside the front entrance at City Hall

Artist José B. Ramirez was recently recognized by the South Pasadena City Council for displaying his artwork in the front entrance at City Hall.

The paintings inspire Ramirez’s interest in the role of soil biology and history in human survival.

PAINTING: Jose B. Ramirez Art

“My paintings are figurative, urban, and Chicano. They combine references to resistance and struggle to provide a context for understanding the contemporary issues we face,” said Ramirez on his website. “I try to comment on these struggles while visualizing the hopes and dreams of our community. I want my work to speak a language that is easy to access.

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Ramírez was born and raised in East Los Angeles and later attended the University of California, Berkeley where he earned his B.F.A. in 1990 and his M.F.A. in 1993.

His pieces of art will be on display through the end of March at City Hall.

PAINTING: Jose B. Ramirez Art

Ramírez received his teaching credentials from California State University, Los Angeles in 1995 and has worked as an elementary school teacher for nearly a decade, currently teaching third grade. He has exhibited widely throughout the country including a one-person exhibition at UFA Gallery in New York, and his work can be found in many private collections.

In addition to gallery exhibitions, Ramírez has completed numerous public art projects including murals for the Natural History Museum in Los Angeles, Dolores Mission Church, and Ascot Avenue Elementary School.

PAINTING: Jose B. Ramirez Art

“It’s an honor to show my work in the city,” said Ramirez upon receipt of the certificate of appreciation. “Thank you very much.”

Council member Diana Mahmud praised his artwork, saying, “They’re beautiful,” before fellow Council member Robert Joe said Ramirez’s work “…was fantastic. It has really opened our eyes in City Hall with your work. I really appreciate what you have done.”

PAINTING: Jose B. Ramirez Art