Citizen’s Express their Concerns on Measure N

A letter regarding Measure N which repeal South Pasadena's Utility Users Tax (UUT) and reduce general fund revenues by 12%

PHOTO: Bill Glazier | \ South Pasadena Fire Department Captain Daniel Dunn said local fire officials have been going non-stop, responding to about 12 incidents – either medical calls and down power lines – in the city on Friday.

Letter to the Editor:

We write to express our firm opposition to Measure N, which would repeal South Pasadena’s Utility Users Tax (UUT) and reduce general fund revenues by 12%. The undersigned are members of South Pasadena’s Public Safety Commission and want to express our personal opinions to South Pasadena’s residents.

We, like you, love our City and have volunteered to support, improve, and raise public awareness regarding South Pasadena’s emergency services. As commissioners we have a unique perspective because we have the privilege of working closely with members of the Fire and Police Departments. We’ve seen emergency personnel leave – leaving departments understaffed – when salaries fall significantly below that paid by neighboring cities.

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Residents of South Pasadena voluntarily chose to pay the UUT to provide additional services that would not otherwise be possible. For example, the average response time to a 9-1-1 call is less than 3 minutes! Yes, we pay more in taxes than cities that don’t have their own emergency services. We get more too.

If Measure N is not defeated, the City Council will reduce expenditures – which will necessarily imperil the City’s ability to provide essential services, including police and fire protection, 9-1-1 emergency response, and paramedics.

Join us in voting NO to Measure N.

  • Ellen Daigle
  • Vernon René Daley
  • Jeremy Ding
  • Robert Ettinger
  • Greg Hall
  • Grace Liu Kung
  • Luis Reinoso