Police Chief Art Miller Considered for New Job

The City of South Pasadena’s Police Chief is among four candidates considered for same position in Peoria, Arizona

PHOTO: Eric Fabbro Associate Editor SouthPasadenan.com | South Pasadena Police Chief Art Miller addressing the media at the L.A. Sheriffs Department June 2017 regarding the "Pique" Andressian investigation

Four candidates are in the running to become the next police chief in Peoria, Arizona, and the list includes Chief Art Miller, who holds the position in South Pasadena.

Miller joins Richard A. Bash, deputy chief of the Columbus Police Department in Ohio; Benny Pina, deputy chief of the Peoria Police Department; and David McGill, police chief of the Sedona Police Department as the finalists moving ahead in the interview process.

On Thursday afternoon, Miller confirmed he is a candidate for the position. “This rare opportunity presented itself,” said Miller. “I am a finalist for the position. Until a final decision is made I remain committed to South Pasadena.”

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PHOTO: Susan Groveman | SouthPasadenan.com | Chief of Police Arthur Miller

A national search was conducted by City of Peoria. City officials say 55 applications were received for the job. The four finalists will be interviewed between July 17 and 18.

“Public Safety is a cornerstone of our community, and selecting a highly experienced and passionate individual to serve as our police chief will carry out the mission of being one of the safest cities,” Peoria City Manager Jeff Tyne told the Peoria Times. “Throughout our search, we have been focused on a candidate who will continue to emphasize community policing within our department. We are excited about the four final candidates and the qualifications they bring, and look forward to introducing the finalists to the community.”

According to South Pasadena public information officer John Pope: “…there is no search to fill Chief Miller’s post at this time and it’s premature to plan to do so until a final decision is made by the Peoria leadership. Chief Miller is quite happy to be serving South Pasadena.  His interest in the potential position in Arizona happens to coincide with his retirement plans.”

The City of Peoria, in Arizona, is expected to announce a new police chief in early August.

PHOTO: Bill Glazier | SouthPasadenan.com | Enjoying the Crunch Time Party fun were Linda and Art Miller