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PHOTO: Esteban Lopez | News | Julia Moreno Perri, founder of Awwdorable Pets, a pet care company that serves South Pasadena and surrounding cities

This one business in South Pasadena doesn’t have an office or a street-front shop, but if it’s pet care you’re looking for, it’s one shop you definitely would call. The owner, Julia Moreno Perri, will be happy to provide some of the services – like pet sitting, dog walking, pet feeding and play time – or she could refer to some of her associates in the area who will do the rest.

Perri has been pet-sitting and walking dogs for neighbors and friends since she was a teenager, she says, and when she set up Awwdorable Pets, she knew it was a business where she could pursue her passion for caring for pets — hers and other people’s — while continuing to work as a freelance digital media and multimedia producer, digital photographer and videographer, and software and hardware technical trainer.

PHOTO: Esteban Lopez | News | Julia Moreno Perri, founder of Awwdorable Pets

She has worked for companies such as Hewlett-Packard and BizVideoAd, Inc. creating marketing, sales, legal deposition, technical training, and nonprofit communications for online and other types of delivery. She has advised nonprofits on adoption of strategies of social media, blog and SEO technologies. But the passion for pets and their welfare has never left her.

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“I’ve been in business since around 2014, first in Texas before I lived here in California. So I started my business here,” Perri said. “But I’ve been dog walking and pet-sitting for over 30 years. It started as a deep passion as a teenager working for neighbors and throughout college, and then through my life as a professional. Then I decided to start my business because it’s something I really love doing.”

With Awwdorable Pets, Perri is able to care for other people’s pets while taking care of her own – her cats Rhyme, Reason, Queen Maxine, Leo, Agosto Gusto aka Spruce Willis, and her dog Coltrane who came to her via a dog rescue team. Clients need only contact her through her website and she can set up her schedule so she could do pet-sitting, dog walking, pet feeding, let outs and play time, and even pet taxi pickups and dropoffs if you need them.

If you ask her about her inspiration for doing what she’s doing, she’d tell you it’s important that everybody’s happy.

“I have something called ‘happy dog, happy cat, happy human, happy home,’” she said. “That is my basic philosophy with working with any pets and their human family because they want to be assured when they go away or they’re at work that their child is being treated well, and that they’re happy, and that they’re enjoying their time with me.”

Perri said she firmly believes that you have to treat your pet as if that pet was your own kid – with love, warmth, empathy and compassion.

“I think pets really understand that, and they know that; they feel that,” she said. “So it’s always my mission to be sure that the pet is feeling comfortable with my presence. And then what does that mean? Does that mean taking my time and letting the pet come to me and warm up to me? So that they feel like they are with someone who understands them, someone that they can trust.”

PHOTO: Esteban Lopez | News

Awwdorable Pets’ website, though, says some of the services may not be offered outside of 10 miles from South Pasadena, or zip code 91030, however Perri explains that, “Yes, I do work in the Los Angeles metro area. So I have customers all over, from downtown to Glendale to South Pas, of course. So I will travel,” she said. “I do have specific packages, depending on how far the person lives, for pet-sitting. I will go just about anywhere in Los Angeles. If it’s, say, dog walking, I do have certain parameters right now. I will be adding staff people soon. So soon, I’ll be able to cover all of LA County.”

The other advantage pet owners will see when they get in touch with Awwdorable Pets is how wide a network Perri has when it comes to other pet services. She will recommend a credible veterinarian, such as Vet Villa Animal Hospital, another South Pasadena practice by Dr. Rebecca Swimmer, and pet rescue organizations, including the Pasadena Humane Society.

The Awwdorable Pets website also lists and promotes local businesses in South Pasadena and throughout the San Gabriel Valley – especially if they’re pet friendly or are pet-related businesses.

To learn more about Awwdorable Pets and their services and rates, visit

For more information about Julia Moreno Perri and what she does, visit her website,

You can also email or call (626) 470-3656.