Arroyo Vista PTA | Honorary School Service Award Nominations

Nominations are due April 9th

FILE PHOTO: Eric Fabbro | News | Arroyo Vista Elementary School PTA Service Awards

It’s time to honor the volunteers who help make our school community special. Each year the Arroyo Vista PTA recognizes members of the AV community for outstanding service to our youth during the annual Honorary School Service Awards ceremony.

These honorees have shown outstanding service to Arroyo Vista outside of routine or assigned responsibilities. The HSSA Committee is currently seeking nominations of deserving candidates from the community. If you would like to submit a name for consideration, please complete the form linked below. Thank you!

Awards may be given in the following three categories, although your nomination does not need to specify which one:

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  1. Certificate of Appreciation: Certificates are given to an individual in the PTA, school, or community to recognize their special contribution.
  2. Honorary School Service Award: HSSAs are given to an individual in the PTA, school, or community in special recognition of outstanding service, often over the course of several years.
  3. Continuing School Service Award: CCSAs are given to individuals in the PTA, school, or community for their continued outstanding service, often even after leaving Arroyo Vista.

    Nominations are Due April 9th. Please submit a separate form for each nominee.

Service Award Nomination Form

Thank you!