Arroyo Vista Elementary Students Roll Out State Floats

In tradition of Pasadena’s annual Tournament of Roses Parade, entries are covered with all natural materials

Grace shows off her float from Pennsylvania.

They gave high fives, waved to the crowd and soaked up the fun as Arroyo Vista Elementary School students took part in Friday’s 33rd annual Tournament of States Parade on campus.

Members of the Tournament of Roses Royal Court attended the event. From left are Georgia Cervenka, Julie Lauen Stein, Savannah Bradley, Alexandra Artura, Sydney Pickering and Lauren Buehner.

Circling the playground, one after another, 121 fifth graders rolled their entries in front of appreciative parents, friends and special guests after spending the past three months researching a selected state, learning about its geography and finally creating their float.

City Councilman Robert Joe, second from left, is joined by, from left, Elizabeth, Cayson and Christine.

In preparation for the parade, students were asked to write a book about their chosen state before construction began on floats, some the size of shoeboxes, others reaching great heights. One creation featured a towering Empire State Building to help bring the state of New York to life.

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Karen Reed, assistant superintendent human Resources, right, talks to Owen about his Vermont float.

Rolled on four wheels in front of an appreciative crowd, each float included important features of the states that were covered with all natural materials in keeping with the Pasadena annual Tournament of Roses Parade. Enhancing the experience, members of the Royal court were on hand to view the floats in 5th grade classrooms before viewing the spectacle from front row seats.

Two hours prior to the parade, teachers and special guests from the community interviewed the students about the floats, seeking facts about a state, from its population, largest cities to its capital, flower and bird.

Arroyo Vista Elementary School Vice Principal Kyle Bender ask Christina Syd about her float.

As part their of opening remarks fifth graders also thanked their parents for guiding them through the project.  “We want to thank them for helping us glue and create and build, and for helping us to persevere in order to complete this amazing project. Mom and Dad, thanks for all you do everyday to help us learn grow and succeed.”