A Very Merry Winter Market Featuring LA Artists

PHOTO: Typewriter Connection | South Pasadenan.com News | A Very Merry Winter Market on December 4, 2021


Typewriter Connection, the go-to typewriter resource in the heart of the Los Angeles Arts District, will host “A Very Merry Winter Market” on Saturday, Dec. 4, 2021. The event is free and open to the public.

The Winter Market will host artists and crafters from throughout Los Angeles, with typewriters at the center of everything. There will be opportunities for people to use these vintage machines to create holiday cards for loved ones, or notes to pen pals … anything you can type, Typewriter Connection can accommodate!

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“Typewriters are alive and well, even in an age when we’re so used to picking up our phones,” said Aaron Therol, founder of Typewriter Connection. “Tactile art and gifts are a welcome change from our digitally dominated lives … that’s why an event like The Very Merry Winter Market is so special. It’s a welcome opportunity to meet artists, writers, poets and craftspeople who create unique art and gifts.”

Two local businesses are participating in the holiday market. South Pasadena’s own Raices will be offering natural skincare products and Cairn Cookies based in Alhambra will have truly homemade cookies that take you back to simpler, more delicious times.

“A Very Merry Winter Market” will take place Saturday, Dec. 4, 2021 from noon to 6 p.m. at As We Dwell, 441 Seaton St., Los Angeles, CA 90013. Parking and admission are free, but registration is encouraged at this link.

The event will include live poetry demonstrations, letterpress arts, a professional gift wrapping station, original and print artwork, handmade gifts, and of course … vintage typewriters.

To learn more, please email typewriterconnection@gmail.com or visit www.typewriterconnection.com. You can also find info on Instagram with the hashtag #typeshopmarket.

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