The Festival of Balloons Committee

It takes long hours by a dedicated group of volunteers to put together a full day of fun on the Fourth of July in South Pasadena

PHOTO: Harry Yadav | | Festival of Balloons Committee.

Meeting behind-the-scenes throughout the year are community members working long hours to ensure the Fourth of July is a festive occasion for South Pasadenans.

Coordinating the full day of fun, which includes the Kiwanis Pancake Breakfast, opening ceremonies at the South Pasadena Library Community Room, the parade down Mission Street, activities in Garfield Park and, ultimately, a 20-minute fireworks show at the local high school, is a dedicated group that has been part of the Festival of Balloons for many years.

“Everybody knows what to do, which makes my job easy,” said Committee Chair Rosemary Whitney.

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Among the tasks include: Securing parade entries, inviting dignitaries, determining what food will be sold, arranging for classic cars, working with local schools to create posters along the parade route, deciding on what games and activities will be best to entertain kids in Garfield Park and selling tickets for both the pancake breakfast and fireworks show.

The long day comes to an end with a spectacular 20-minute fireworks show, which traditionally goes off without a hitch.

“Everybody does such a great job,” Whitney said of those who lend a hand to the event each year. “A lot of hard work by a lot of volunteers makes for a great day.”

Fourth of July Festival

of Balloons Committee

Chair – Rosemary Whitney

Vice Chair – Jim Anderson

Treasurer – Michael Schlaifer

Secretary – Megan Colburn

Decorations – Ashley Ziegler

Fireworks/Stadium  – Marty Smith

Food Booths – Jane Jackson, Rosemary Whitney

Parade – Joe Payne

Classic Cars – Marlin Perry, Tracy Perry

Park/Sound/Games Activities – Bob McClain

Posters – Joan Payne

Publicity – Bill Glazier

Tickets – Robert MacTavish, Lindy Yuen

Security – Joe Payne

Members at Large – Ted and Joan Shaw