January 25, 2022, 12:39 pm

Tag: Throwback Thursday by Rick Thomas

Throwback Thursday | The Royal Raymond

In the 1880s wealthy visitors from the Midwest and East Coast stayed at The Royal Raymond in South Pasadena mostly to escape the harsh...

Throwback Thursday | What? Real Snow in South Pasadena? The Year was 1949

On January 11, 1949, the palms along Stratford Avenue were flocked with the “real white stuff” (not movie magic). South Pasadena became a winter...

Throwback Thursday | El Centro School

The historic school site adjacent to the public library on El Centro Street is a vital property for achieving educational excellence in South Pasadena...

Throwback Thursday | BABY!

To help promote South Pasadena’s new start-up business in the late 1800’s Edwin Cawston created a brand logo he named the “Cawston Baby.” In...

Throwback Thursday | Thanksgiving Edition

Probably the first thing that comes to mind on Thanksgiving is the meal. For many families, the turkey is to Thanksgiving as the pine...

Throwback Thursday | The South Pasadenan

In 1893, George W. Glover founded South Pasadena’s first successful newspaper, South Pasadenan. He ran the paper for 15 years during the fledgling municipality’s formative...
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