Local Music Publication Fundraiser

Razorcake, a non-profit music fanzine that supports positive, progressive, community-friendly DIY punk.

PHOTO: Kasper Tobias | South Pasadenan.com News | Daryl Gussin and Todd Taylor at Razorcake Headquarters.

Razorcake, a local non-profit music fanzine, independently published by Todd Taylor (former writer for Flipside, which was a staple zine in Los Angeles Punk Rock zine, 1977-2000), is having their June Sub-Drive Fundraiser. From 2001 until now, this non-profit zine relies on the music and arts community to show their support for coverage of independent bands/artist and to keep print alive.

Razorcake has strong roots in the San Gabriel Valley and its headquarters is over the York Street bridge in Highland Park. It has collaborated with small businesses in South Pasadena and donated over 200 skateboard decks for an art event that was held for the now closed skate shop, Underground Skate Supply.

With only 2 paid staff members, Todd Taylor and Daryl Gussin (Managing Editor), they rely on hundreds of contributors. This fuels the D.I.Y. (Do It Yourself) spirit that the zine continues to uphold. Razorcake provides consistent coverage of do-it-yourself punk and music culture that you won’t find anywhere else.

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PHOTO: Kasper Tobias | South Pasadenan.com News | Razorcake

Razorcake believes in positive, progressive, community-friendly DIY punk. As Taylor explains, “We do our part and DIY punk culture is often misrepresented, misunderstood, and the target of corporate exploitation.”

Razorcake supports a legitimate community of punk music and culture as the only bona fide 501(c)(3) non-profit music magazine in America. The bi-monthly fanzine is a one-of-a-kind resource for the DIY punk community. Over the years, Razorcake has developed this resource to help document every facet of this culture.

The Razorcake Gorsky umbrella also includes book publishing, record pressing, live shows and readings, and a thriving web presence that maintains weekly podcasts, webcomics, and videos.

PHOTO: Kasper Tobias | South Pasadenan.com News | Razorcake

Open participation policy means anyone can become a contributor. Currently, Razorcake offers a forum for over 180 long-term independent volunteer writers, photographers, illustrators, and musicians from around the world. It takes pride in the DIY punk scenes and represents them internationally as well as distributes the magazine to over twenty countries.

DIY punk is an exciting, evolving culture that flourishes outside of corporate interests. Razorcake’s goal is to continue operating a modern framework where the community of independent, DIY punk can continue and thrive.

If you would like to support and contribute to Razorcake, visit the fundraiser page to buy a subscription, gift a subscription and get some merchandise.