Good Citizen Media Unites With ‘The Good Guys’

The two unite in lieu of federal funding cuts that threaten many helpful programs for the homeless, the hungry, and the handicapped.

Facing funding cuts and hostility, Not-About-Profits working for the social good are vulnerable to extinction. Stepping into the fray on the side of the ‘good guys’ is a boutique agency with a big-time mission. Good Citizen Media Group gives power and voice to organizations that champion education, healthcare, civic engagement and the arts.

“We need to preserve our humanity and support one another regardless of our differences.” says Good Citizen’s Executive Producer Debrah Lemattre. “Our clients provide society’s safety net, and their strength and visibility is crucial – now more than ever.”

Experts say by April 2019 many charitable contributions will lose their tax deductible status. The threat of federal funding cuts could take a big bite out of essential programs for the homeless, the hungry and the handicapped.

“Continued community engagement is essential to maintaining the huge difference made by these not-about-profits and civic organizations.” says Creative Director Bill Burnett. “That’s why Good Citizen’s expert full-service creative outreach has become crucial to our clients’ survival.”

Good Citizen’s clients include Worksite Wellness LA, the healthcare navigation service; Institute for the Redesign of Learning, which helps educate, train and employ people with learning disabilities; University of the West, a Buddhist-based non-profit liberal arts institution bridging the gap between east and west; and 301 Organics, which manages organic waste in a cost-effective and environmentally responsible way.

“We have an obligation to market our social services, otherwise potential clients won’t know we exist.” says Worksite Wellness LA Executive Director Luis Pardo. “We used a grant from the Ahmanson Foundation to commission Good Citizen to rebuild our website and produce informative and effective films. They brought our visibility into the 21st century.”

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